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Salon Vert is delighted to present its next Christmas exhibition which brings together eleven artists on a journey through the natural elements of earth and sky. Susanna Bauer, Benoît Billotte, Christine Boillat, Barbara Cardinale, Xavier Cardinaux, Hipkiss, Michele Landel, Eliana Marinari, Isabelle Menin, Francisco Sepulveda, and Johanna Weis will all share the gallery's walls, combining subjects strongly inspired by nature, while also including animals and humans. 

Architectural compositions of plants, leaf cut-outs, luxuriant bouquets, animals, and humans brought together – if not as outright hybrids – in an astonishing dialogue forming a tribute to nature in all its diversity. A few delicate clouds will float above this vibrant natural tableau, revealed by keen observation and a rich, sometimes fantastical, imagination – one always linked to the questioning of the deeper meaning of life, expressed through painting, drawing, engraving, decoupage, and collage.

On Saturday 16 December at 16:00, Johanna Weis and Dario Gamboni will present the artist's book they wrote together and published by Cohen & Cohen in Paris. Combining Johanna Weis’ labyrinthine paper cuttings with Dario Gamboni’s sharp, poetic narrative, the book will be the subject of an illustrated reading, followed by a discussion and signing session.

Press release FR

Artist Book

Susanna Bauer

Benoît Bilotte

Christine Boillat

Barbara Cardinale

Xavier Cardinaux


Michele Landel

Eliana Marinari

Isabelle Menin

Francisco Sepulveda

Johana Weis

Dario Gamboni

Collective exhibition

Entre Terre et Ciel

02 December 2023 - 06 January 2024
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