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Susanna Bauer

17.02.24 - 02.03.24

About the artist:

For fifteen years, Susanna Bauer has made a practice of gathering fallen leaves, carefully washing and drying them in order to crochet them using cotton thread, and in so doing has developed a language that is uniquely her own. “Taking time beneath trees, gathering leaves, contemplating their shapes, imperfections, and details lies at the basis of my process. Along with this quiet gathering, stories form, dialogues between leaves emerge, reflections on time and change and interpersonal connections,” she explains.

More information about Susanna Bauer:


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Susanna Bauer, Sharing Dreams, 2022, magnolia leaves and cotton thread, 30 x 30 cm (framed)


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1’300 CHF

Erica Ryland



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