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Eliana Marinari

Eliana Marinari’s practice is based on a long tradition of drawing. Her artistic research brushes up against scientific studies by demonstrating the illusory quality of visual perception, which queries the truth of the visible; how the brain stores images, the way it recollects and interprets them.


Reinterpreting the genres of the landscape and the portrait as a means to challenge our perception of reality, her work reflects a fascination for the power of images and explores the human capacity to refer to a visual object and generate semantic associations.


Her interest has been formed by current theories on visual recognition to explain the transition from a perception-driven representation to memory-driven elaboration of concepts: meaning is attributed to each feature and translated on assumptions based on previous experiences, cultural beliefs and values.


Her subjects are portraits, psychological states, questions, doubts, little details of recollections, thoughts and little obsessions. As in the non-sequential territory of dreams, she allows images to exist in association with each other as a series of strange connections to re-parse the fleeting glimpses of memory. Her images act like screens: describing again and again a trivial aspect of the scene but the picture as a whole remains inaccessible. Images matter for what they evoke as beyond in relation to past memories and trauma. The visual detail stands in for what can’t be visualized.

Eliana’s work has been exhibited and is held in private collections in Switzerland, Europe, UK and the US. She has been featured by multiple media outlets and publications including The JealousCurator, BOOOOOOOM and Create! Magazine amongst others.



Recollection Memory

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