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Xavier Cardinaux

His paintings involve or simply evoke landscapes, expanses of greenery, sometimes so abstract they become delicate patterns. In his own words, “The soul is a garden and my project as a painter takes place in that garden, with nature – my own and chaos – as the materials, with cultures and styles as the soil. The process is more important than the goal but being aware of the joy of touch remains essential, because I work freely, without real “utility”, any specific shape or trendy concept as such eliminated.”


Born in Geneva in 1956, and holder of a law degree, Xavier Cardinaux left his job as a wealth manager in 1986 to dedicate himself entirely to painting; he studied composition and colours at the E.S.A.V. (now the HEAD) as well as spent time in the United States, in India, and in Rome. Since then, he has been a part of numerous collective and individual exhibitions – in Switzerland, but also in France, Greece, and Brazil. He also works in stage design, video animation, and has illustrated a book for children, La Rivière (La Joie de Lire, 1998).




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