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Mathilde Tinturier

“Hunter-gatherer of the little nothings of our daily lives: dried ginkgo leaves, dandelions, herbs and maple seeds or candy wrappers, shards from mirrors, feathers, paper cut-outs, hairpins and colored tape, Mathilde Tinturier re-enchants the world by transfiguring the ordinary real into an extraordinary poetry. […] With the precision of Calder and a certain notion of beauty, ephemeral grace, lightness and fragility similar to the Earth Art or Nature Art of Nils-Udo, Andy Goldsworthy or Steiner & Lenzlinger, she reclaims enchantment and joy as a form of engagement and jubilant resistance against the indifference of the current moment.” (Françoise Jaunin)


Recently she has created white paper cutouts integrating plants, paper herb boxes, along with her famous mobiles, also enhanced with the same material. Like always with Mathilde Tinturier, we are offered a fairyland, and the whiteness of the paper enables her to showcase the little treasures that surround us. Beads, confetti, dried leaves, and flowers become the jewels of her universe. Her airy works sits somewhere between installation art and an accumulation of meticulous and delicate pieces; stepping inside her exhibition means taking the risk of being won over by Mathilde’s awestruck gaze upon the world.


Mathilde Tinturier was born in Lausanne in 1983. She received her degree in painting and drawing from Geneva’s Fine Arts academy (now the HEAD) in 2006, following time as an exchange student at La Cambre (Brussells). Beyond several collective and private exhibitions, including at La Ferme de la Chappelle, at Lausanne’s Cantonal Arts Museum, the Espace Arlaud and the Villa Bernasconi, she has created scenery for Geneva’s Museum of Ethnography as well as an installation for the CHUV in Lausanne. While in residence at the Maison de la Créativité in Conches in 2016, she created a “Fôret Funambule” (Tightrope Forest) with the help of children. Endowed with a pedagogical degree, she teaches at secondary school and runs workshops in museums as a guest artist. She lives and works in Geneva and is a member of the Federation of Artists at the Usine Kugler.





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