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We are proud to announce the exhibition “Tout ce qui se voit sous le soleil (Clairière)” by the gallery artist Thomas Maisonnasse.Please join us for the opening on Saturday and Sunday, November 5 and 6, 2016.He exhibits his latest photographs and there is a special occasion to visit, with the artist, his recently finished wall painting at Le Triangle des Pervenches (Clairière) realised for the city of Carouge:Saturday 5 November 4 pm and Sunday 6th 11 am, meeting point at the gallery

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My Big Geneva, 09/16Bilan, Etienne Dumont, 11/16

Thomas Maisonnasse

Tout ce qui se voit sous le soleil (Clairière)

5 November 2016 - 10 December 2016
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