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For the joint exhibitions of ArtCarouge and the weekend, Le Salon Vert is delighted to present a series of recent work by Susanna Bauer, a German artist living and working in England whose captivating creations are a celebration of nature. For fifteen years, Susanna Bauer has made a practice of gathering fallen leaves, carefully washing and drying them in order to crochet them using cotton thread, and in so doing has developed a language that is uniquely her own.“Taking time beneath trees, gathering leaves, contemplating their shapes, imperfections, and details lies at the basis of my process. Along with this quiet gathering, stories form, dialogues between leaves emerge, reflections on time and change and interpersonal connections,” she explains.

Press release

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Susanna Bauer

Gathering Stories

5 November 2022 - 14 January 2023
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