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We are happy to announce that from early May through June, Le Salon Vert will present Among the Leaves, an exhibition featuring recent work by the German artist Susanna Bauer. Come this spring to the Carouge gallery and discover Bauer’s delicate crochet work on tree leaves, done either in compositions on paper or 3D sculptural pieces.Susanna Bauer works with natural plant leaves, stitching them together using crochet and thus initiating an intimate dialogue with nature. The collected leaves are repaired, embellished, and put into combinations using crochet lace, all by hand. Crochet is a painstaking traditional technique, based on tension, that the artist directly juxtaposes with the fragile natural material. The resulting shapes are a meditation on Nature’s beauty and complexity and are similarly a reflection of the delicate and tender relationships woven between humans and our environment. 

Press release

Susanna Bauer

Among the Leaves

1 May 2021 - 30 June 2021
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