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For our first exhibition of 2022, we are delighted to welcome again the French artist Stéphane Erouane Dumas, who will present a series of his latest work inspired by northern landscapes.

For Le Salon Vert, Stéphane Erouane Dumas will present a series of oils on canvas, oils on paper, as well as one sculpture. These works are inhabited by his favorite themes, which he has been developing for more than fifteen years: forests of snow-covered birches, cliffs, marshes, and reflections on water. Occupying the border territories of landscape painting and abstraction, done in tones that evoke boreal winters, he engages in a meticulous work of composition, and plays along various lines: the verticality of trees, the earth’s horizons, the symmetry of reflections, sometimes unsettled by the quaking of branches or a soft rain of lichens drawn with the touch of a brush. The nearly hypnotic multiplication of motifs draws us into the artist’s playful universe, frozen in the icy air and yet radiating life.

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Stéphane Erouane Dumas

Oeuvres récentes

22 January 2022 - 26 February 2022
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