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For Art Carouge and the Genève Art Weekend, Le Salon Vert will host an exhibition by Jie Qiu, a Chinese artist who lives and works in Geneva. Jie Qiu will present a large oil painting, a series of colored-pencil posters and his graphite drawings, as well as several Chinese paintings.Jie Qiu became internationally known for his lavish large format graphite drawings. Today he recycles the scenographies of some of his drawings into large oil paintings. One of these  paintings, “La Grande Neige” will be viewable at Le Salon Vert, stretching across an entire wall. This perspective draws the viewer into the painting, as certain details are depicted at full size. The opposite wall will present an arrangement of pieces inspired by Chinese “Dazibao”, the “large-character propaganda” posters used to express public opinion. Handwritten by private citizens, they addressed political and ethical ideas and were hung up in the streets to be read by the general public. Jie Qiu repurposes this type of poster, whose standard format was 60 x 80 cm, for his colored-pencil drawings, using figures and large-character slogans. These pieces are meant to be hung together, like on message boards, in all possible combinations. Finally, Le Salon Vert will present several drawings as well as a few of the artist’s Chinese still-life paintings of flowers, created using traditional procedures.

Press release

Qiu Jie

Snow and Plum Blossom

31 October 2020 - 28 February 2021
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