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Le Salon Vert is delighted to welcome Michele Landel for her second solo exhibition at the gallery. Landel is an American artist living and working in Sèvres, France since 2005. She has exhibited her beautifully eerie patchwork paintings throughout Europe and the United States.This year’s exhibition was inspired by the Mary Oliver poem with the same name.

During an art residency in the quiet desert mountains of Spain, Michele Landel began collecting and photographing materials she found discarded in the fields. Organic and nonorganic items, such as the broken watering can and weathered sticks, that had blown away from the farm and been dried by the sun. The land has been cultivated by hand for centuries and as a result the line between man-made and nature was blurred. In her photographs, she is combining found human debris with natural debris to create an image that is poetic and engaging based on forms and shapes. These are fragments of the past and today.

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Michele Landel

Watering the Stones

15 September - 30 September 2023
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