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Le Salon Vert is delighted to host Maïlys Seydoux-Dumas for the first time in our gallery.Seydoux-Dumas is a French artist born in 1970 in Saumur, and she will be presenting a recent ensemble of oil paintings on paper, tapestries, bronze jewelry, and engraved wood, some of which have been collected into publications, along with a collection created in collaboration with the French artist Haïm Kern. In her Paris workshop, Maïlys Seydoux Dumas observes the elements that compose her environment: the objects, the small, enclosed garden, the birds in the sky, the movements of plants and the changing of the seasons. A state of contemplative poetry enriches the work she varies between painting, lithographs, tapestries, and engraved wood—all in delicate pastel tones. “Everything happens in silence, this is the work of painting. I keep an eye on everything that happens here. The light fades, the daylight falls, the swallows crisscross the sky.” 

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Maïlys Seydoux-Dumas

Une Étoile au Théâtre

5 March 2022 - 23 April 2022
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