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Salon Vert is delighted to present recent drawings by Joëlle Isoz, a Geneva-based artist born in Vevey in 1973. It is while roaming – at the water’s edge, in the mountains, in urban wild spaces – that the artist constructs her images. Walks during which her gaze seizes upon the subjects she then transforms, recomposes and draws in pencil. Her motifs are sometimes nervous and precise – trees, leaves cut out like shadow puppets – sometimes ethereal – fog, clouds, skies – and always highlight the interplay of light, the reflections, the chiaroscuros. In this way, Joëlle Isoz’s technique meets up with Virginia Woolf’s in its narrative essence, flawlessly combining the precise with the blurred.

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Joëlle Isoz

Key Gardens

1 October 2022 - 29 October 2022
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