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For its first exhibition of the new season 2018-2019, Le Salon Vert will present the English artist Jane Ward whose work is situated at the crossroads of photography, painting, and digital techniques. The artist will be finishing her residency at Trélex (VD) during the month of September and be present at the opening.Jane Ward works with digital printing techniques.  She takes the photographs and then repeatedly and meticulously disassembles them on the computer. She then recomposes the fragments into imaginary landscapes and cityscapes, which appear broken up and ephemeral. Once the created image has been printed, the artist dissolves the ink and manually manipulates it, leaving traces of earlier forms and thus endowing the work with a kind of memory and a sense of the passage of time.

Press Release

Artist Website 

Jane Ward

In These Solitudes

28 September 2018 - 27 October 2018
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