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Please join us for the vernissage on Saturday, January 20 from 2 to 5 pm. The artist will be present. 

Salon Vert is delighted to be opening the year with French artist, Isabelle Ménéan, who works in Geneva and whose plant-inspired, shimmering watercolours are sure to brighten up the month of January. 

The title of her exhibition, Caladium, is the scientific name for a dozen species of green, often pink, heart-shaped plants, also known as “Elephant Ears”, “Hearts of Jesus” or “Angel Wings”. The plants’ shape and colour are a compelling choice for the artist, who sees in their exuberance an expression of nature and everything it represents in its feminine, undulant, and welcoming qualities. 

Her work questions ornamentation as an artistic value and creative thought, in stark contrast to Le Corbusier, who in 1920, railed against arabesque artistic expression, which he viewed as feminine, saying: "We who are virile men, in an age of heroic awakening of the powers of the spirit, in an age that sounds a bit like the tragic brass of the Doric, we cannot sprawl out on poufs and divans, among orchids, among the scents of the Seraglio."

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Isabelle Ménéan


20 January 2024 - 16 February 2024
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