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For the joint exhibitions of ArtCarouge, Le Salon Vert is delighted to welcome back the artist and printmaker Francisco Sepulveda, born in 1977 in Chile and now living and working in Paris. For Sepulveda, the title of his exhibition, El Machitùn, should be taken as a key to its understanding. The title is a work in its own right that offers access to Sepulveda’s paintings and accompanies the viewer along their visit. El Machitùn is a healing ritual from the indigenous peoples of Chile, led by a machi, also known as a shaman. The focus of this ritual is caring for the world, for nature, people, and for the climate through a return to ancient healing traditions, by re-establishing the harmony between nature, mind, and cosmos. 

The brightly coloured images evoke the artist’s flamboyant Latin-American origins, which have been enriched by the different cultures Sepulveda has encountered through his many travels.

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Francisco Sepulveda

El Machitùn

4 March 2023 - 1 April 2023
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