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With Susanna Bauer, Jane Bosshard-Quillerat, Hipkiss, Qiu Jie, Isabelle Ménéan, Isabelle Menin, Francisco Sepulveda and Mathilde Tinturier.


From cut out leaves to detailed drawing, from bursting color to black and white. Join us for the summer exhibition with local and international artists at Le Salon Vert in Carouge.


Our collective exhibition is putting together gallery artists and newcomers, is showing such different techniques like drawing, leaf art, aquarelle, painting, and botanical metal objects, and is revealing a unique insight into the great diversity of the natural world through the eyes of the artists. Whether you are you looking for unexpected discoveries, or you would you like to start or complement your art collection: all works are available to buy here in person or online. Just contact us by mail or phone and please know that during the summer the gallery opens only on appointment. For more information, please contact us.



Collective exhibition

Still Leaves

22 July 2023 - 2 September 2023
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