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"Art does not reproduce the visible but renders visible." (Paul Klee)

Summer exhibition with Susanna Bauer, Hipkiss, Isabelle Menin and Kate Montgomery.

Le Salon Vert is delighted to present its summer exhibition « Sonnet » which brings together three women artists and one artist couple. They take us on a poetic journey by using beauty as a path to investigate illusion, transience and fragility. When contemplating the artworks of Susanna Bauer, HIPKISS, Isabelle Menin and Kate Montgomery, time seems to stand still, at least for a while. Their unique artistic styles which are charged - due to the very individual and time-consuming work process - come up with features evoking a kind of baroque symbolism. Strange creatures, fragments of nature, bizarre flowers and timeless silent scenes may open to a darker interpretation. But the expression of melancholy, of a possible morbidity, invites us to take a closer look and to realize how through art we can find catharsis and serenity.

All works are available to buy here in Carouge in person or online. Just give us a call or write an email, we are shipping worldwide. During the summer exhibition, the gallery doors open only on appointment.

Susanna Bauer


Isabelle Menin

Kate Montgomery

Collective exhibition


06 July 2024 - 31 August 2024
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