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Le Salon Vert is delighted to present recent work by Benoît Billotte, a French artist living in Geneva. As the title reveals, the plant kingdom is omnipresent in this exhibition. It is the medium, the subject, and even the raw material: Benoît Billotte prints fresh and dried leaves, draws trees, flowers, and roots, dyes fabrics with vegetable or mineral powders.A traveler with a passion for maps, architecture, and urbanism, Benoît Billotte has looked deeply into the lines of geological contours, into the geometric relationships between shapes and lines of force, into the history of places and their traditions. And he’s done so within the framework of his numerous artistic residencies, especially in Morocco, Buenos Aires, Rome, Shanghai, and also in Mexico. It was during this last five-month stay in Casa Proal, in the state of Veracruz, birthplace of Olmec culture, that he was able to study the customs of the Totonac civilization, more specifically discovering their incredibly rich practice of natural dyes. Back in Geneva he continued his research at the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, using his workshop to explore the reactions of his new color chart on cotton, silk, and linen.

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Benoît Billotte

Dérive sous le pli des feuilles

10 June 2023 - 1 July 2023
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