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Heike Weber

Heike Weber’s work is mainly characterized by complex in situ installations, which incite a particular perception in the viewer. Her installations exist in an intermediate zone between painting, drawing and sculpture; for each exhibition the artist develops a specific spatial concept based upon the location in which the work will be shown. To create her themes, the artist relies on construction or day-to-day materials such as silicone, laundry lines, carpet or even felt-tip pens. 


Talking about her work, Heike Weber writes, “I am interested in floating states, the breakup of solidly conjoined structures. I try to physically integrate the viewer into my ‘pictures.’ For example, my walk-over floor and space drawings are meant to make the visitor aware of his existence – conscious of his own person – by means of how insecure he feels walking across them.” It is this point of awareness, where the symbolic solidity of structures coincides with an underpinning of imagistic precariousness, which Heike Weber tirelessly interrogates in her work (see, notably, her series entitled Kilim and Cosmos).


Heike Weber is a German artist, born in Siegen in Westphalia. Trained as a graphic designer, her work stands at the intersection of several different practices. Sometimes flirting with the worlds of installation and conceptual art, and sometimes striving to return to the simplicity of Matisse’s cut-outs, her work possesses that rare quality of being simultaneously a celebration to the eyes and a pleasure for the intellect: an intellectual experience, felt by the heart.


Traversing boundaries of culture and ordinary distinctions of artistic practice, Heike Weber has participated, over the last twenty years, in more than thirty artists’ residencies, in countries as diverse as Korea, the United States, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, and of course, Germany. Having showed pieces in more than fifty collective exhibitions, Heike Weber has also authored more than twenty solo exhibitions.



Heike Weber: Utopia ( catalogue publié chez Kettler Verlag en allemand et anglais)

video artmetropol: exhibition “Park” 2014

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