Nicolas Bernière

Upon completion of his degree from the Ecole Estienne, University of Arts and Graphic Design in Paris, Nicolas Bernière took courses from Philippe Lejeune at the Ecole d’Etampes. At the same time, he studied living forms under Debort and Fontaine at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (University of Fine Arts – Paris). After specializing in classical and contemporary Western painting, he completed his training with a focus on Art History at the Ecole du Louvre.

He always works by series, experimenting with different styles and techniques, following his fascination for living forms and their imperfections as well as the organic nature of the material. The title of this exhibit, “Quadruvium” (the crossing of paths), perfectly reflects the polymorphic style of his work as well as his particular manner of working. Here his technique consists of taking a completed drawing and then damaging it, aging it using water and oil. It is through this transformative process, of creation-destruction, that he arrives at a transfiguration of the original work.

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