Lucie Kohler

Lucie Kohler draws in an extremely meticulous, nearly obsessive way, filling the entire surface of the paper with small, careful lines which create figurative and dreamlike scenes or portraits. This technique evokes both a childlike world and art brut. Settled upon brightly colored backgrounds that are either a uniform color, feature vegetation, or done with wallpaper, her figures stare the viewer in the eye. These are often young women, positioned facing forward or slightly turned, alongside characters with animal heads or seeming to wear masks, in compositions that are strangely familiar. Indeed, the artist takes her inspiration from visual references belonging to different eras and trends in the history of art (Medieval Art, the Renaissance, art brut, modern art, contemporary art), but also from folklore and pop culture (fables and myths, ritual objects, photomontages, lol cats) that she overlaps, suggesting new stories that viewers can interpret as they choose. Through her work, Lucie Kohler is looking to “query one’s relationship to another, to one’s culture and to the stereotypes that derive from our perception of difference.”

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