Diane Chappalley

The artist’s bold strokes and use of full, bright colors mean that Diane Chappalley’s paintings are situated closely to the abstract. The playful landscapes depicted in this way lead us to a house at the edge of a forest in the middle of a field of wildflowers. These imagined scenes are nevertheless impressions of the artist’s own memories. They reflect sensory experiences-contemplative instants gathered from daily life, unsettlingly calm moments of suspended time. Chappalley’s paintings create atmospheres that inspire dreaming.

Chappalley uses the Swiss countryside in which she spent her childhood to create her themes, while at the same time consciously referring to the tradition of European painting. The Impressionist, Symbolist and Nabis movements were all fascinated by outdoor settings and their spiritual connotations, especially forests and flower-filled meadows. From her contemporary context, the artist revisits the notions of beauty, timelessness, and the humble quality of those subjects, creating a contrast to our era of ecological distress, overpopulation, consumerism, and technology. The slow and patient act of painting runs counter to the rhythm of urban life.

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